Cross-fades. Reconstructing the Future

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Miriam Visaczki: Waldmünchen, Daniela Comani: Ich wars

Miriam Visaczki “Waldmünchen 1–4”, Daniela Comani “Ich wars”


Rossella Biscotti: Yellow Film

Rossella Biscotti “Yellow Film”


Überblendungen, Raumansicht

vorne: Rossella Biscotti “Everything is somehow related to everything else, yet the whole is terrifyingly
unstable”, hinten: Zbyněk Baladrán: “Diagram (Monument to Transformation – Fragment #3)”


Suzanne Treister: Hexen 2039

Suzanne Treister “Hexen 2039”


Christoph Draeger: the man who stole the moon...

Christoph Draeger “the man who stole the moon ... (fell from the sky and crashed on earth)”


Hofmann&Lindholm: Serie Deutschland

Hofmann&Lindholm “Serie Deutschland”


Zbynek Baladran: Monument to Transformation

Zbyněk Baladrán “Diagram (Monument to Transformation – Fragment #3)”


Sarah Vanagt: Little Figures

Sarah Vanagt “Little Figures”


Karen Geyer: MarYvon, Zbynek Baladran: Monument to Transformation

Karen Geyer: “MarYvon. Eine RetroPerspektive, Zürich 1930 ...”


knowbotic research: huwwara_anybody, looking

knowbotic research “huwwara_anybody, looking”