FRI 13.05.: Performative Event «With With : Everything but an Artist Talk»

Shedhalle / Events / May 2011 / Friday May 13, 7 pm

Bolwerk_Marthe van Dessel_ Event

Fotto: Marthe Van Dessel

Performative Event: Screensavers, sleep mode, hibernate, standby or off.
bolwerK, hosted by Marthe Van Dessel

Friday, 13. Mai, 19 Uhr, in Englisch, Shedhalle

konzipiert und organisiert von Lucie Kolb und Romy Rüegger, im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "With With: Everything but an Artist Talk"

In this performative event the switching on and shutting down of a computer is (re)enacted through a collective body. What is happening with our hardware and software when we go to sleep. Are rendering processes a digital state of dreaming? Do computers show physical and mental signs of deprivation if they fail to get enough sleep? Is the recurring state of relatively suspended sensory and motor activity a point of transformation in which consciousness and alertness are transgressing binary codes?

a non-exclusive, temporary constellation that initiates, mediates and facilitates projects, abducing thought and reflection on relevant issues.

Marthe Van Dessel
(*1976) is a character that actively seeks for local and international constellations. Together with bolwerK, she hacks, cuts and pastes; shares, engages, transforms and nestles in urban, institutional and private hardware. Open source is for this cyberfeminist, a philosophy or just a pragmatic methodology to meet each other in the (digital) labyrinth. Currently working as an artist building invisible structures. Under her own name she performs.

Generously supported by the Shedhalle Zurich