SAT 08.05: Conference and on-site inspections

Shedhalle / Events / May 2010 / Saturday May 8, 1 pm

Photo: Maurice Maggi

Photo: Maurice Maggi

Conference and on-site inspections (only in German):
Saturday 8 May 2010, 1 – 6pm

Through examples of different perspectives from art, theory and activism this conference examines how the term landscape can be approached nowadays.

Address of welcome and introduction by Anke Hoffmann (curator Shedhalle)
Lecture: Maurice Maggi (guerilla gardener and cook, Zurich): Red and blue stones
On-site tour around the site of the Rote Fabrik with Maurice Maggi and Sebastian Mundwiler (artist and gardener, Basel)
Lecture: Yvonne Volkart (curator Shedhallee): Landscape between melancholie and antagonism. Theoretical thoughts about the curatorial concept of Lands End
Lecture: Philipp Felsch (philosopher of science, ETH Zurich): The Alps. melancholy and exhaustion
Lecture: Sibylle Omlin (art historian/director ECAV, Sierre): artist’s views on the usage of landscape