SAT 3.09 Lange Nacht der Museen

Shedhalle / Events / September 2011 / Saturday, 3 September, 7 - 2 am 


Norient -Sonic Traces from the Arab World -Sat Kairo

3 September, from 7 pm: Lange Nacht der Museen (Night of the Museums Zurich)

Guides Tours through the exhibition Connect with the curators: 7 pm and 8.30 pm 

Opening Times of exhibition & Shedhalle-Bar until 2 am

7 – 2 am: erich

Max Rheiner’s new, interactive installation unfolds a whole range of disturbing and extended conditions of perception and cognition. With the help of HMD-glasses the user/player is enabled to leave his or her body-centred vision and to shift it to different ‘I stations’ as an out-of-body-experience. The installation links psychotic patterns with knowledge from robot technology and the neuro-cognitive sciences. It is not the rendering of an experience as close to reality as possible the artist is primarily interested in but the irritating force of a setting questioning the construction of the I by splitting it up and decentralising it.

22 Uhr: Sonic Traces: From the Arab World

In the 70-minute live music-video collage “Sonic Traces: From the Arab World” Thomas Burkhalter, together with musician Simon Grab and VJ Michael Spahr, present a medial tour through the history of as well as present-day Arab music, with hip-hop and Oud sounds, with Death Metal and Musique Concrète. This mix of documentary, recital, presentation, and concert introduces us to or familiarizes us with New Arab Music which plays an important role in the current uprising of the Arab peoples against dictatorship and autocracy – just to mention one more topic of their performance that’s continually brought up to date. 


Für die Lange Nacht der Museen ist in allen beteiligten Kulturinstitutionen ein Kombi-Ticket für CHF 25,- erhältlich. Es schliesst die Benützung des ZVV (Zone 10) und des Museums-Shuttles ein, sowie den Eintritt in alle beteiligten Museen. Kinder unter 16 Jahren haben freien Eintritt.