SU 15.04: YKON Game

Shedhalle / Events / April 2012 / Sunday April 15, 3 pm

Ykon: Ykon Island



Playing & Presenting: Sunday, 15 April, 3 - 6 pm

You are warmly invited to join the YKON Game and register via email: or directly in Shedhalle.

YKON, a group of seven artists, develops games for several hours which are played together with up to 50 participants. Based on Buckminster Fullers «World Game» YKON takes the participants of Zurich on a bizarre trip of radical change of the world.

“The game is based on a simple thought experiment: imagine that the world is brought to a complete halt. Everything stops. No more business as usual. With the world frozen, you and your fellow players can tinker with it as you please. What will you change? How do you convince others to go along with your changes? And what about the consequences? For its players, the game poses an existential challenge: they will have to think about what kind of world they truly want.“ (YKON)